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Latest News: Get the planners off our back: Cameron Clegg

Get the planners off our back: Cameron Clegg

Is this the perfect gift for everyone thinking of doing a Side Return?

Today, in an attempt to kick-start Britain's economy, the Coalition announce plans to temporarily relax planning regulations, and specifically in the context of Side Returns, have doubled the Permitted Development (PD) allowance from 3m to 6m (8m for a detached house).

This is great news for those considering undertaking a Side Return Extension, as the flank void can now be enclosed up to a maximum of 6m projection from the existing rear wall. Sadly, when the last changes were made to the PD process in August 2010, all of the London borough's decided to designate the rear wall in a Victorian terraced property as the rear wall of the existing property, not the rear wall of the "existing" rear addition (and there was I thinking the Bankers made things unnecessarily complicated).

So, it's party time for Side Returns - and while there is scant detail on the specifics of the proposals, from what we can gather, the salient parts are as follows:

  • PD doubled to 6m (8m for detached houses)
  • Temporary relaxation to run until 2015 (The Telegraph)
  • Changes will take effect next month (October 2012), following a short one month consultation
  • No changes to PD rules governing lofts
  • Relaxation will not apply to conservation areas

At Build Team, we would still recommend applying for a Certificate of Lawful Development (effectively asking the Council to rubber-stamp your proposals under PD), but this is fast-tracked process and one that can run concurrently to build.

Further information can be found here:

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