Double Your Design Package

Home extensions offer a wonderful window of opportunity to carry out other improvements within the property, and in many cases our clients add a second type of extension onto their scope of works. One of our most popular bundles is our Ground Floor Extension and Loft Conversion package. There are a number of advantages to undertaking both of these projects at the same time:

  • Complement Your Designs: Understanding the entire scope of works from the outset allows our Architectural Team to create designs that complement one another

  • Maximise Efficiency: There is a logical sequence to executing the works simultaneously in terms of structural specification, scaffolding and access requirements

  • Cost Saving: The more you do, the more cost effective it gets! Save £995 + VAT on the Design Phase and even more on your total build cost

  • Limit the Disruption: Building work is disruptive, and getting all of it over and done with in one period is much less of an annoyance for you (and your neighbours!)

Case Study: Melgund Road: Ground Floor Extension & Loft Conversion

The homeowner wanted to create a family orientated kitchen and dining area which had a strong visual connection to the outdoors. They also wanted to add a large family bathroom to their home, as well as a separate utility area to hide away clutter and keep their noisy washing machine out of their social spaces.

Ground Floor Extension

Loft Conversion

Our Architectural Team suggested that we tuck the utility area into their loft extension, so it doesn’t take up valuable space on the ground floor. The ground floor is typically used for entertaining, so it made sense to remove this cluttered room completely and tuck it away upstairs. This allowed for a wonderful free flow of space on the ground floor, allowing for a living area, dining area and large kitchen.

Design Bundles: Ground Floor & Loft

Pre Planning Advice
Explore feasibility options via your local council
£695 Save: £295
Design & Planning
Finalise your design and obtain planning consent
£2,995 Save: £495
Ready to Build
Get ready to build with full Building Control drawings
£4,995 Save: £995
Fast Track To Build
Fast Track your Tender Pack and begin collecting contracts
£6,495 Save: £995

Prices quoted exclude VAT at prevailing rate.

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