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Last Updated: 9:00, Oct 18 2021

Client satisfaction is our top priority, and to achieve this we feel it's important to keep an honest path of communication between our Teams and our Clients. For this reason, we are proud to offer you our Service Level Agreement, which shows what our targets are and where we are currently running in comparison to those targets. We will always do what we can to beat our targets, and we hope our current run rates will show you how dedicated we are to ensuring complete client satisfaction throughout both the Design and the Build process.

Service Target Current
Percentage of planning applications that are granted


80% 92%
Number of days between initial meeting and submitting design scheme to the council 35 27.5
Number of days in the Design Phase


84 76
Percentage difference between initial quote and final agreed contract sum


+ 15% + 7%
Response time to client queries 24 hrs 3.5 hrs
Number of hours between initial site visit and receiving the quote 24 hrs 9 hrs
Turnaround time for drawing amendments 72 hrs 48 hrs
*based on clients who took our advice during the application process. **this includes 8 week planning determination period. ***based on clients who did not make significant changes to their scheme.
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