Building housing extensions can often provoke an array of design problems and questions. One such is, how best to approach a new addition to an existing structure in relation to its context?

The aesthetics of a new structure being built next to or added to an existing building can either be sensitive to or dramatically juxtapose the existing context.

It has often been argued that an understanding and consideration of historical context can create a more engaging built environment. Buildings that engage with the past can act as a method of maintaining the existing character of a building. Cohesive design can unify the present with the past.

Maintaining Original Features

We have worked on an array of projects which blend perfectly with the original property, replicating original features such as brickwork patterns. This can merge the new element seamlessly into the existing build. Certain aspects of historical architecture cannot be replicated, however, an extension can reference the context of your property.

Context: This Victorian property mimics the original brickwork.

Maintaining the character of your home may be your priority; as such, we can work to preserve the aesthetic sensibilities of your property, whilst improving upon systems or design elements that are no longer fit for purpose. Through retrofitting a Victorian property by such methods as; improving insulation, using systems for ventilation, heating, and wastewater recovery, these alterations can contribute to optimizing the efficiency and functionality of your property whilst preserving original features.

Context: This extension, references existing brickwork whilst adding a markedly different space.

Juxtaposing New & Historic

We have designed and built numerous projects which seek to act as a new and separate space. These designs recognize the original home and create new spaces which acknowledge, but are separate from, the original build.

There is no singular strategy for contextual integration, however, knowledge and appreciation of the broad variety of architectural styles can result in home extensions that integrate and improve upon previous designs.

Context: This extension separates itself from the original property, whilst being sensitive to its surroundings.

When you book a design consultation with Build Team, we can provide design advice to meet your specification. We offer unlimited design amendments to ensure that the design produced, exceeds your expectations.