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SE240BE 19.25m2 £31,651 | E179PB 38.50m2 £53,050 | SE137JU 24.75m2 £38,756 | SE137JU 20.25m2 £35,119 | SW198TJ 36.00m2 £45,173 | RG15RJ 60.00m2 £83,250 | W36AS 15.75m2 £28,000 | TW31XT 27.00m2 £44,715 | SE145TU 25.00m2 £48,825 | DA67LZ 65.00m2 £-87,500 |


Palmers Green, N13

Stoke Newington, N16

Loughborough Jct, SE24

The Extension Specialist

Build Team are a vibrant collective of talented architectural designers and project managers based in London. We offer a fresh and straightforward approach to both design and build – and offer a range of fixed fee design packages for clients looking to undertake a home extension. Our dynamic team offer homeowners a two stage process, the first being Design and the second is Build. Clients have the flexibility to utilise our expertise in Design only, Design & Build or Build only. Our Design fees are fixed, and every Build contract is fully itemised.

The team works hard to exceed client expectations and produce designs which not only create amazing new spaces, but are also practical and affordable to build. We work with homeowners to maximise the space they have available, all within local planning guidelines. We have completed in excess of 400 projects, and have an unrivalled success rate at gaining planning permission for home extensions and loft conversions across London.

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