Party Wall Matters

Living through Building Works

If you are planning to do an extension, you will need to make the decision on whether you stay in the property during the works or move out. Not everyone has the luxury of moving out, and if this is the case then we are...

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External Expectations

When you are designing your extension, it is important that you find a design that is perfect for you, but that also satisfies your local council’s guidelines and neighbouring properties. One element that your local council will look at is the façade, which is the...

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Get More from our Design Service

Our Design Team have been busy since the beginning of the year with a record breaking number of instructions in both January and February.   We encourage all clients, prospective and current; to give us feedback throughout the Design Phase so we can ensure we are doing...

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The Party Wall Process

Party Wall Consent is a legal requirement that has been in place since 1996.This law was designed to regulate building works whilst also protecting adjoining owners and occupiers during building projects. It is a separate requirement to Planning Permission and one does not have an...

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Haringay, N8 – Party Wall Problems

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the mysterious and complex process that is Party Wall. Often clients are unsure or misunderstand what is expected of them with regards to notifying their neighbours of impending building work. We are frequently asked whether neighbours can actually...

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Overcoming Hesitant Neighbours

Neighbours can be tricky, especially if you’re trying to make some home improvements. Whether they have had some bad experiences before or have heard horror stories from friends there are ways around this. At Build Team we try and minimise the effect building your side-return will have...

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