Exterior Design

Get Creative with Your Courtyard

When it comes to designing your extension there are lots of factors to consider; all of which impact the options available to you. For example, designing a home extension to a ground floor flat is very different the design for a full house. One of...

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5 Great Kitchen Ideas

When planning your kitchen, practicality should meet design. It is paramount to have a practical kitchen that is a joy to use but that does not mean that it cannot be stylish and designed with your personality in mind. Have a look at some ideas...

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The Summer House

A summer house gives you a secluded space in your garden, away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. If you’re looking for your own private hideaway it’s the perfect accompaniment to your extension. A versatile space in your garden open to a...

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Home with a View

London has some pretty incredible views – they might not be seaside savvy or mountainous landscapes, but the city skyline is a hard one to beat. Roof terraces offer a fantastic opportunity to incorporate some sky-high views into your home; they can also be a...

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Understanding Lofts

A loft conversion is a great way to transform unused space in your home, and there are lots of ways to go about doing it. A loft conversion typically adds a bedroom and a bathroom, however depending on your desires you could transform your loft...

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External Material Options

One very important feature of a build is the way the building looks from the outside. During the Design Process, our clients love to get involved in the interior design and exterior is generally pushed aside and thought about either when we prompt the discussion,...

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Extend for You

Our Design Team believe that no person is the same, so no extension should be the same. Every single design we create is different; our team create tailor made designs, wholly specific to individual client needs and specifications. There are an endless world of possibilities...

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Boundary Wall: Roof Design

Your boundary wall height will affect your roof design, as lower boundary walls prefer a pitched roof to make the design practical. Higher boundary walls offer you more flexibility, as you’re free to choose from either a pitched or flat roof design.   Making a decision on...

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How High Can You Go?

Ceiling height was the hot topic of discussion at our most recent House Tour, and it’s certainly something we spend lots of time on during the Design Phase. There are loads of questions to answer on this topic, so we thought we’re run through the...

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Garden Living

Your garden has a huge impact on your kitchen as it can influence the level of natural light and ambience within the room. A kitchen extension is usually quite a drastic redesign of the rear of the property, and can cause quite an upheaval to...

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