Basement Conversions

Stair Specification

Building Control is a collection of guidelines designed to maintain your safety when extending your home. During the build process, this typically involves four site visits: the first visit when the foundations are being laid, the second when the cavity wall is erected, the third...

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Basement Planning

In a city where space is so valuable, it isn’t surprising that extending is becoming a popular alternative to moving. You wouldn’t believe the amount of space you can add to your home through extensions – and digging down to create a useable basement or...

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Basement Business

Whether you intend to go large and invest in a lower ground floor, or keep it simple and go for a cellar conversion; there are loads of ways you can use this underground space. We thought we would share just some of the ideas and...

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Extend & Maximise Your Space

If you’re planning a home extension, it’s safe to say that space is at the forefront of your objective. It is important to seek professional advice from your designer and think carefully about your design to ensure that your new space meets your requirements and...

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Cellar Conversions

Most of us would agree that we want more space in our homes, whether it is for more bedrooms, storage or more living space.   A cellar conversion is one way to make use of a redundant space you may have available; turning it into something which...

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